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As we look forward to 2024, we’re taking a look back at 2023 and the trends in millwork and DIY home improvement. So many fun ideas and projects came to life in the last year with many of our customers embracing wood accent walls. Wood slat wall panels have become a popular item as homeowners look to add warm organic features to their spaces. And while our slat wall panels are climbing the charts, they haven’t made it into our top 10 best sellers (yet).  Here’s a look at the mouldings, boards and accent wall products that were our most popular items in 2023.

10. Board and Batten Wainscoting Kits – We debuted our Board & Batten Wainscoting Kits in June and they quickly became a hot item. Our kits contain all of the precut pieces needed to cover a 6’ board and batten wall, making installation easy for DIY’ers looking to add a modern, chic accent wall. No guesswork, minimal cutting and flexibility to fit your wall and preferred design.
Wood Wainscoting
Our Wainscoting Kits take the guesswork out of board & batten walls.

9. 4442 Primed Colonial Casing – This year our customers found this Colonial casing to be an upgrade to the traditional 356 casing. At 11/16” x 3-1/4”, our 4442 offers a little more thickness and depth around doors and windows.

8. 4759 Primed Craftsman Base – Since we introduced our Craftsman moulding line, all 3 of these products have been best sellers (spoiler alert: the other two are coming up in our Top 10). Our 4759 Primed Base is the 4-1/4” version making this a nice choice for homes with 8’ ceilings. The simple lines create a modern sleek vibe, and this baseboard can be painted white or the same color as the wall.
 Wall Moulding
Our Craftsman Moulding series features 2 sizes of baseboard moulding & 1 casing profile, all available in Primed Fingerjoint Poplar.

7. 1 x 6 Primed S4S Boards – S4S boards serve a wide variety of purposes so it’s no surprise we have a couple of trim boards in our Top 10. Our 1 x 6 S4S primed fingerjoint Poplar is used both as a board and as a baseboard in some applications, making it a popular item with our customers.

6. 6330 Primed Base – Our 6330 Primed Base, at 3-1/4” high, tends to be a replacement base for homeowners wanting to update their stained builder-grade base. Its simple profile adds a bit of flair without being overly complicated and comes primed, ready for your choice of paint color.

 5. 2” Red Oak Flooring – New on the list this year, our 2” Red Oak flooring came in at #5, following the still-hot wood flooring trend. Our wood flooring is fingerjointed solid Red Oak, creating straighter blanks and showcasing all of the beauty of natural wood. Plus it comes unfinished, allowing homeowners to create a look all their own. Oak Wood Flooring

4. 4745 Primed Craftsman Base – The beefier version of our Craftsman base, 4745 baseboard is 5-1/4” offering a bigger statement than the smaller 4759. Landing at #4 on our Top 10, our customers are finding this base to be a nice complement to our 4706 Craftsman casing.

3. 3-1/4” Red Oak Flooring – Also unfinished, our slightly wider 3-1/4” fingerjointed Red Oak flooring jumped to the #3 spot. As the wide plank flooring trend continues, Red Oak offers a warm organic feel and can be clearcoated or stained to create a lighter flooring color.

2. 1 x 4 Primed S4S Boards – The second S4S board on our Top 10 list, our primed 1 x 4 boards offer our customers the versatility of a smaller size and the durability of hardwoods. 1 x 4 S4S is often used as a modern casing but has a wide variety of other uses.

 1. 4706 Primed Craftsman Casing – And topping the list for the 3rd straight year is our 4706 Craftsman Casing. As moulding trends lean towards smooth, simple lines, this casing offers an upgrade to a simple 1 x 4 S4S board, thanks to its 2 eased edges, while still keeping the beefy ¾” thickness. Keep an eye out for our entire Craftsman line to launch in our online store soon!
Trim Moulding
Craftsman moulding profiles 4759 Baseboard & 4706 Casing shown painted black for a modern twist.

And there you have it – our most popular millwork items for 2023. Predictions for 2024? We expect the Craftsman mouldings to be a mainstay however slat wall panels will likely climb the list as homeowners look to add stained wood products as accents in their homes. Plus we’ve got some pretty exciting new products launching this year. Stay tuned!


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