Are Real Wood Floors Worth the Cost?

Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring can be expensive. Walk into any flooring store and, once you sort through the enormous number of choices, you’ll probably find hardwood flooring to be one of the pricier options. Is it really worth it?

In short, the answer is YES.  According to, the return on wood flooring is 70-80% and can increase the resale value of your home by 2.5%.  That’s pretty great news!  Additionally, as opposed to most laminates, real hardwood flooring can be refinished allowing you to refresh or change the color of your wood floors at a lower cost than replacing the flooring.

Here’s even better news: we offer solid hardwood flooring at lower prices than average so we can drop your cost by as much as 20%!  All of our flooring is made from real American hardwood manufactured in the USA.

Red Oak Flooring

Let’s start with our Red Oak solid wood flooring. Red Oak flooring showcases the classic beauty and warmth of Red Oak with a wide range of color.  Each piece is fingerjointed to a length of 12' using clear pieces and pieces containing naturally-occurring character marks*.  Our Red Oak flooring planks are made with square-end tongue and groove construction for nail down installation.

  • Our narrow 2" Red Oak flooring creates a traditional, warm look.
  • 3-1/4" width Red Oak flooring offers a twist on the traditional narrow width.
  • 5" Red Oak flooring planks showcase the grain pattern in a wider width.

  •  All of our flooring is unfinished allowing you to create the look that fits your style. An all-time favorite, our raw Red Oak flooring can be finished with any wood stain, coating or sealant. Use a clearcoat to allow the classic Red Oak features to shine through, or finish with a darker stain for a modern flair.

    Grey Wood Flooring
    5" Red Oak Flooring with gray stain & clear topcoat

    Maple Flooring

    Maple flooring offers a different look from Red Oak flooring with the same durability and flexibility.  Also available in 3 sizes, Maple flooring is lighter in color than Red Oak. Maple has a creamy color with less grain pattern making Maple a favorite for homeowners looking to brighten a room. One of the strongest hardwoods, Maple flooring is a durable choice for high-traffic areas. Additionally, our Maple flooring is fingerjointed to 12' lengths making it even stronger, straighter and easier to install. 

    Like the Red Oak, our Maple flooring is unfinished so can be sealed with a clear finish to showcase its natural beauty. Or choose a whitewash or stain to add a finish that matches your style. Each 12' fingerjointed piece is made with square-end tongue and groove construction for nail down installation. 

    Maple Hardwood Flooring
    Maple flooring stained brown with gray tones.

    Discounted Wood Floor Prices

    Our wood flooring is produced in a mill next door to our store in northern Indiana allowing us to offer discounted mill-direct pricing.  Check out our wood flooring collection to see all of our hardwood flooring options. Each flooring page has a calculator to help you create an estimate for your project. All of our flooring is available for local pick up at our location in Elkhart, Indiana or contact us for a custom quote for shipping.

    *Our flooring can contain closed, sound knots, cracks, dark spots and other imperfections all intended to be part of the wood's character and are not considered defects. Markings may vary with each piece.


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