How To DIY A Floating Wall Shelf (No Drilling!)

Book Shelf Wood

Butcher block + floating wall shelves = one of today’s hottest trends.

We love to save money and DIY at The Millwork Outlet, so we've got an inexpensive, easy way to install any shelf to look like it’s floating.  Bonus – this is so easy you won’t have to do any fancy drilling into the shelf.

Of course this floating wall shelf technique is only half of the equation. The other half is the butcher block trend that’s taking 2023 by storm – and this is the money saving part of the equation as well.  We now offer a 4 lengths of 8” butcher block shelves in 3 different species. Between Red Oak, Maple and White Oak, there’s a wood color to match everyone’s style – and maybe even your new butcher block countertops. Sizes range from 24" to 72". And right now we're offering 10% off our already low prices when you purchase 2 or more wall shelves!

 Wall Shelf

Once you’ve selected your shelf, let’s get started on the DIY install of your new wooden shelf.

Note: our butcher block slabs come unfinished and can be installed unfinished like we did in this project, or can be stained, painted, whitewashed or oiled. If you are going to finish your butcher block, make sure you have completed the finishing process before installing.

How to DIY a Floating Wall Shelf:

1. The secret to the floating wall shelf appearance is in the bracket. Using a low profile bracket ensures the shelf hides the brackets making them disappear once the shelf is placed. In our install, we used these brackets from Amazon.
    Black Book Shelf Bracket
    2.  Since these are solid wood shelves that may need to hold some weight, make sure the brackets are installed into studs. Check out our video for our simple “Fun Fact” on how to locate studs.

    How To DIY a Wall Shelf VideoWatch our 2-minute video showing how to DIY a floating shelf

    3. Make a straight level line on the wall the length of the shelf. This will help place the brackets evenly the length of the wooden wall shelf. Our video shows a cheap hack for creating the line (spoiler alert – painter’s tape is a wonderful tool). DIY Wood Shelves
    4. Install the brackets along the level line at each stud. Book Shelf Wood DIY
    5. Place the shelf on the bracket and secure the shelf with additional screws as needed.

    And that’s it! The brackets magically disappear when the shelf sits on the wall.  If you would like to camouflage the brackets even more, apply a quick coat of wood-colored spray paint on the brackets before installing.

    For a quick 2-minute demonstration of how we DIY'd a floating book shelf, check out our video below. Questions? Drop a comment and we'll get you expert answers.

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