How To Install Slat Wall Wood Panels

Wood slat wall is a beautiful wall paneling accent that adds a warm, organic highlight to any home. Our slat wall panels are available in variety of wood species which can be used to create a many different looks to match your style, from rustic and industrial to modern and minimalist. The panel version of our slat wall makes installation is quick and easy. 

On the go? Download a copy of these instructions to take with you.

*Before installing any wood product, we recommend allowing the wood to acclimate for 24 hours prior to installation in the room where the product will be installed.

Here is the list of tools to assemble:

  • Standard Saw or Miter Saw
  • Small level
  • Tape measure
  • Construction adhesive -OR– brad nail gun or hammer
  • Brad or finish nails: 1 ¼” & 2” 18-gauge nails
  • Wood filler for nail holes
  • Safety goggles or glasses​​

Let's get started on your new slat wall!

Step 1: On the walls where the slat wall panels will be installed, remove any existing baseboard or chair rail moulding on the applicable wall (if installing slat wall the full height of the wall and not above the baseboard).

Step 2: If using construction adhesive to attach the slat wall panels to the wall, apply adhesive to the back of the panel. If using brad nails, continue to step 3.


Step 3: Starting at one corner or end of wall, place the first piece of slat wall using a level to make sure it is straight. If using brad nails, nail at an angle into the inside corner of the first groove at the bottom, middle and top of the panel. Then nail into the outer rabbet of each piece, again at the bottom, middle and top of panel.

Nail into the corner of the groove to better conceal the nail holes.


Nail into the rabbet edge of the wood panel so the nail holes are covered by the next panel.
Step 4: To connect 2 pieces vertically, simply cut the panel to size and butt joint two pieces together. Tip: Alternate the joints along the top and bottom of the wall if desired to avoid one joint line.

Butt 2 slat wall panels together to create longer lengths.

Step 5:  Connect the second piece of slat wall panel by placing it firmly against the first piece and again nailing at an angle into the first groove or use adhesive. The second piece should overlap the rabbet edge of the first piece by about ¼”.

Place panels firmly against each other.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the desired wall is covered.

Step 7: Putty any joints, seams or nail holes as desired.

Of course throughout the installation process, check frequently for straightness of all pieces with a level. And we always encourage safety by wearing safety glasses whenever using a nail gun or saw.

And just like that, your slat panel accent wall is complete! Have questions along the way? Feel free to shoot us a chat message or an email at 

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