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Poplar Trim Trends

Timber the Beaver has been busy chewing through some numbers and has the results of our Top 10 highest selling hardwood millwork and moulding items for 2021! Following the trends of painted base and casing, wood wall treatments and hardwood flooring, these best selling trim items get Timber's stamp of approval. Let's dig into the list.

10.  Our 1" x 6" S4S boards in Primed Fingerjoint Poplar are the perfect size for a variety of uses. With a nominal size of 3/4" x 5-1/2", our customers use these hardwood boards for baseboard, wall accents, running boards or even in craft projects.

9.  6330 Primed Fingerjoint Poplar base is a timeless moulding profile. At 1/2" x 3-1/4", this baseboard is the perfect size for houses with standard 8' ceilings. Plus it's a great match with our #8 best selling trim item.

8.  Arguably the most popular casing profile ever, 3561 casing is the classic 2-1/4" Colonial casing most builders use in standard trim packages. Our version in Primed Fingerjoint Poplar has a nice thickness of 9/16" offering a little more dimension than thinner designs.

7.  Our customers that wanted an upgraded painted baseboard moulding chose our 7613 in Primed Fingerjoint Poplar.  At 5-1/4" high, this base adds a curved bead to the top of a standard Colonial profile giving it an added elegant dimension.

6.  Wood wall treatments are one of the most popular DIY millwork projects right now and 5665 Tongue & Groove was a favorite for our Millwork Outlet customers. Since 5665 is a reversible profile, the wall planks can be installed showing the 5-1/4" face with or without a center bead. Thanks to the hardwood properties of solid Poplar, this wood paneling is paint-ready and ultra durable.

5.  Keeping with hot millwork trends, our 3-1/4" 5637 hardwood flooring came in as the #5 most sold Millwork Outlet item. This Red Oak flooring can be installed a variety of ways, including in the popular herringbone pattern, and finished using a natural stain or gray, black or whitewashed for a more non-traditional flooring finish.

4.  If the 7613 base was a bit too tall, our customers selected our 7612 Primed Fingerjoint Poplar base which is a similar baseboard profile in 4-1/4". This beaded base adds the same wall detail but is more subtle and also suitable for homes with 8' ceilings.

3.  While the #3 most sold millwork item is actually an S4S board, many of The Millwork Outlet customers are using it as a casing. The Craftsman moulding trend has made 1" x 4" S4S board in Primed Fingerjoint Poplar a popular selection for framing windows and doors. (But wait until you see #1...)

2.   At 11/16" x 3-1/4", our 4442 Colonial casing is like the bigger, older sibling of 3561 casing. 4442 keeps the traditional casing profile while making more of statement with its beefier size.

Drum roll please... 

The #1 most sold item at The Millwork Outlet in 2021 was our 4706 Craftsman casing. The clean lines and simple profile is very similar to a 1" x 4" S4S, however we gave this casing 2 eased edges to prevent breakage.  Plus the relief on the back makes installation easier. Shown here in black, the 4706 casing looks fantastic when paired with our 4745 base (which didn't quite make the Top 10 cut but came in at #11 on our most sold list).

Craftsman casing


And there you have it - The Millwork Outlet's 2021 Top 10!  We're so grateful that you included us in your projects this year. And hopefully this list helps provide some inspiration for your 2022 project list.  We'll be here all along the way with material and more of Timber's Trim Tips. Stay tuned!

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Timber’s Trim Tips are a fun read to let us know what products are trending and available at The Outlet. Thank you Timber!


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